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Las Palmas


The living there is quite affordable, the locals are very friendly and welcoming, then the weather is obviously perfect, and lastly, the laid-back everyday lifestyle of the city is simply unavoidable.



Madeira is probably the most exotic destination in Portugal. Every outdoorsy type and nature lover would very much enjoy.

chocolate train

The Chocolate Train In Switzerland

This train route has the three of the top things Switzerland can offer that is best-known worldwide: cheese, chocolate and the beautiful scenery with the best-organized railway transport in Europe

Capri, Italy


In Capri, Italy, you should consider spending at least 3 days of your precious life.…



Reykjavik, where swimming is a year-round activity, a favorite one among Icelanders. Except, people are really friendly, relaxed and with a great sense of humor. In fact, in 2010 they elected a comedian for Mayor (Jon Gnarr) of Reykjavik

French food

French Kitchen: How To Pair Wine & Food

The fact is that we love onion and simply can’t live without it. Even French love it. So it’s really ok. The ”French gastronomic meal” has a spot in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.



Everything that actually exists in Sanremo, makes this city truly famous for. Especially in Europe: the flowers, the Casino, and the Sanremo Music Festival. For such a small city it’s pretty amazing.



Cannes is one of the cities where one can spend an unforgettable time and most likely will come across a celebrity especially if visiting this resort town on the south of France during May when the famous Cannes Film Festival is held on, an event for which Cannes is most famous for.

Tulips flowers

Riding A Bike To The Dutch Flower Fields

Experiencing Holland in spring is simply a blessing. It’s all about flowers: flower fields, flower gardens, flower markets, and even the business news sound so appealing when providing information about the flower incomes of the country.

Palma de Mallorca


Except for the beach tourism and lively way of life, for which this city is most famous for, Palma is a city with rich cultural and historic heritage worth exploring as well. This 7-day Itinerary serves as one recommendation on how to get the best of your short vacation.

Italian Food

Italian Food: Macaroni And Cheese – It’s Just Too Plain

What I like most about the Italian kitchen is that they have such fancy Italian names of the dishes and desserts, that you almost feel like you’re on a date with your plate and if there is a nice Italian wine with it, it’s a serious relationship in question.