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Why You Should Visit Elephant Sanctuary In Thailand

What to expect from a one day tour in an Elephant Sanctuary or Park? Choosing the right park and camp for a visit is probably the most important. Do your research and book with an eligible tour agency. Decide upon visiting a park that doesn’t offer elephant riding or show performances.

tiger safari

Tiger Safari India: How To See Tigers In The Wild

The interesting part about the tigers turns out to be not that interesting because they are solitary animals. They like being alone, so they walk, eat and sleep alone and also they love to cool off in the water. How and where to see tigers in the wild?

australian koala

Australian Koala

There is a common misconception about the Australian koala and a lot of people at first glance may say: Koalas just wanna have a little party on their own at night, get high and sleep all day long. Find out the truth about koalas

Mountain Gorillas

Gorilla Trekking Uganda

I would like to give a little appreciation to our ancestors, the Gorillas. I found the existence of the family tree as no coincidence too, Introducing these fascinating strong creatures, and yet very gentle and peaceful, the Mountain Gorillas from Africa.

Humpback whale

It’s A One Big Whale Season

Every winter humpback whales migrate from Greenland to the tropical waters to mate. When you think about it, people are doing just the same, considering that the high season on the tropical islands starts in winter and there is no easier way to plan a wedding on the tropical islands.