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single use plastic

Plastic-Free Travel: Say No To Single-Use Plastic

We should start thinking of excluding those plastic items such as straws, cutlery, takeaway coffee cups, water bottles, and the plastic bags completely out of our lifestyles. Because we really can live without them and our planet can’t live with them.


Tourist vs Traveller. Which One Are You?

We often use the words, tourist and traveller, interchangeably not quite making any difference between these two terms. Dictionaries are just the same and they think as we do. But in life…

beach essentials

Beach Essentials

SWIMSUIT. If you are not a nudist, you’ll certainly need a couple of nice swimsuits…


Bottlenose Dolphin: A New Star Was Born

Are dolphins whales or whales are dolphins? Dolphins are actually whales, belonging to the group toothed whales. The killer whale Orca is actually a dolphin, belonging to the subgroup of the oceanic dolphin family,.

australian koala

Australian Koala

There is a common misconception about the Australian koala and a lot of people at first glance may say: Koalas just wanna have a little party on their own at night, get high and sleep all day long. Find out the truth about koalas