Women Pack For Tropical Vacation Now. Take Only Clothes That You Actually Gonna Wear

pack for vacation

Why? Because the weather is good enough, the prices of the accommodation and restaurants are lower than usual and it’s not overcrowded. It’s the shoulder season.

Vacations and holidays can be much of a trill, but getting ready can bring a bit of confusion on the way. The minute you open the closet it becomes obvious: what to pack? – probably will be the first thing you’ll think of. Everything you have there you like it, that’s why is in there in the first place.

Traveling somewhere by sea, on the beach it sounds relaxing and that’s how your clothes should look like too. Pick something that you feel most comfortable with, like more casual clothes of light fabrics. I must admit that I’m addicted to the one piece models, which is why in my carry-on you’ll only find rolled up in packing cubes: jumpsuits, rompers, and dresses. I’ll be on the beach or in the nearest surrounding most of the time, out on the sun,  so flat sandals for walking, flip-flops for the beach and a pair of high heels for the evenings would just do the thing.

Few swimsuits are a must and a couple of beach dresses. If you ask me there is nothing better than a beach dress for that tropical sun. Consider at least one maxi dress and a cocktail dress for the evenings. You may also want to bring: a hat, beach bag, sunglasses, cover-ups, lightweight jacket, sneakers, a purse, and toiletries. Finally, of course, underwear.

Put all of your stuff in one small suitcase and you’re done. If you travel by plane this will save you money on the luggage fees. You won’t need to check-in the suitcase, it’s small enough to carry it as a cabin bag on board, and probably you’ll have one handbag plus to put it under your airplane seat.

Recommended pieces of clothing when packing for vacation

The suggested pieces of clothing are all simple and cozy clothes that give that perfect look we all probably are longing for when traveling. Loosen and comfortable clothes made of light fabrics. Shoes and footwear that you can easily put on or take off your feet. Summer jackets or cardigans, for that final layer when temperatures are changing, hot to cold.

If you haven’t already decided what to wear on your next summer trip you may like some of these recommendations below. Hope you’ll love them as much as I do.

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