Vacation: What Does All Inclusive Include

We all probably seek now and then for that stress-free liberating vacations where we can just relax, let go and worry less. Absolutely no better way for that than an all-inclusive package.

Guests love that they don’t have to worry about their budget while staying in all-inclusive resorts. They can freely forget their wallets at home. The idea of the all -inclusive is to pay for everything upfront. By everything we mean for all of the things you’ll spend your money on anyway when on vacation. Because all the meals, drinks and activities were paid upfront the budget minded guests can relax knowing that all of their expenses are already being covered.

You pay for all-inclusive when you don’t want to plan your vacation. You go to a place where for one total price paid ahead you’ll get accommodation, food, drinks, and activities. Despite the fact that today more and more resorts are opening at exotic destinations, still, nobody can beat the Caribbean or Mexico. If you choose from the resorts in one of these popular destinations for all-inclusive vacations, most likely you’ll get beachfront accommodation.

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All-inclusive holidays should cover everything with no additional hidden costs. When purchasing an all-inclusive package for your vacation you’ll be paying one price that will cover your entire stay. So what’s included in the price? Most of the holiday resorts today will include minimum accommodation, three meals and snacks, soft drinks and most alcoholic drinks. Meals may be served up at any time of the day in a few on-site restaurants, with international or local cuisine, while guests can have refreshments at the bars spread on the property night and day.

But non-motorized water sports and other activities may be included in the price. A basic all-inclusive package also covers a transfer from the airport, tips at the resort, resort taxes, free WiFi, daily and nightly entertainment, tennis, snorkeling, kayaks, paddle boarding, and swimming pools. It should cover your transport too, like a flight ticket or other but not necessarily though. Other amenities may be included depending on the resort and rooms but above mentioned are somewhere basic.

Most of the resorts will offer a wide range of sports activities at extra cost. You can choose from scuba, golf, jet ski, or organized guided tours when you can explore and learn more about the local culture and food, or the architecture. For these selected activities available on an additional price you can pay upfront as well. Finally, probably the lowest price you can find for one night stay per adult with an all-inclusive package would be 80 US dollars.

When we arrive at our vacation destination we may often feel relaxed thinking about how we shouldn’t worry much and just enjoy. And then, after a few days, most likely we’ll find ourselves thinking and counting how much money we have left or how much we can spend for the rest of our days. Well, someone came up with this brilliant idea of all-inclusive vacation packages that gave that liberty to the people to just arrive and enjoy their stay without worrying further where they’ll eat and how much will have to pay for the activities or the entertainment. With an all-inclusive package, you pay one price up front and have it all.

The things got even better when all of these packages became available in different hotels for guests of particular age groups or interests. So, it’s not just that you’ll be relaxed without worrying about paying for something at every step of the way, but you’ll be staying with like-minded travelers. There are various all-inclusive vacation packages for travelers of different ages, styles, and budget. Resorts can be calmer or more active and be tailored for solo travelers, couples, families or friends.

Although all-inclusive vacations were more characteristic for singles and families that are more conscious when it comes to the budget, today these convenient vacation packages are on top of the list to many travelers of any age group or interest.

Probably the biggest benefits of the family all-inclusive vacations are the fully supervised kids’ clubs that many of the resorts have opened. Parents can definitely have a relaxing time for themselves too, while the kids are having fun to the fullest. Kids-clubs engage children in supervised games and adventures around the resort. In some of the resorts with full water parks included. The resort’s childcare experts ensure that the little ones are looked after and happy at all times, while their parents are relaxing by the pool or have a massage.

On the other hand, there are resorts for adults only with activities ranging from sunset cruises to dance classes and water aerobics. The wellness-inspired spa, the fitness center, or the direct access to a beautiful private beach make it so you never want to leave. For travelers looking for a fun, hip, vacation with non-stop theme parties, daytime activities, and nighttime entertainment some resorts ensure there’s never a dull moment. Finally, for couples arranged candlelit dinner for two on the beach is just one of the many pure romantic moments to be enjoyed.

Many of the hotel chains nowadays are putting an effort to give back to the local communities like sourcing most of their food locally. Or by persuading guests to take guided or individual tours and experience the life of the local culture and people. But, more and more travelers are looking for those locally guided city tours off the beaten path to be included in their vacations as well. These tours are rarely included in the all-inclusive packages and usually will be available and arranged before or after the all-inclusive vacation.

The French company, Club Med introduced this fabulous idea of the all-inclusive vacations to the world in the 1950s. Club Med used to be primarily for singles, but today more than a half of the guests are families. Particularly single travelers were vacationing in the European hotels and later on in the Caribbean as well. Today Club Med owns more than 70 hotels and resorts all over the world and it was recently bought by the Chinese Fosun Group. One of the unique and recognizable things about Club Med is that the staff are called “GOs”, or Gentil Organisateurs (Kind Organizers). Clients are “GMs”, or Gentil Membres (Kind Members). The resort is known as a village. The resort manager is called the Chef de Village (Village Chief). The first village ever opened was in Mallorca, the Balearic Islands in Spain.

When you compare prices online for your next all-inclusive dream vacation, make sure you are dealing with the total price of the offers. Be aware that some hotels may have additional fees for which you’ll probably find out when you get there when you’ll have to pay them even if you won’t be using any of those services. It’s a good idea to call the hotel and ask before booking anything if you’re not sure what’s included in the price. Anyhow when paying with credit card you may be eligible for a dispute if any additional charges occur. Finally, make sure to check on the company how luxury actually it is. Does their dictionary define the word the same way as yours?