When To Take Organized Group Tour

If you love to travel but really don’t like the organizing part, or researching much the destination ahead and would love to meet new people from all over the world and yet feel that perhaps the language might be the obstacle for that and for the travel itself then a group tour is certainly a thing for you.

You can expect an amazing time spent with a mix of like-minded people from different countries and nationalities looking for action, trekking, adventure or culture. A group tour is all of that you don’t want to do, mentioned above and more. It’s a tour for a group of people and travelers with the same itinerary, organized by a tour operator or a company that can be a simple guided walking tour that will last just a few hours to tailored multi-days itineraries with a combination of attractions, museums, transport, hotels, and restaurants. These package tours include transfers from airport to hotels, cruises, rental cars, entrance fees to attractions and Insurance. It can be a trip when you pay ahead for almost everything your travel will include, with only one condition – to stay with your group. And there is always a tour guide provided.

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Group tours are simply great for so many reasons

First of all, it is a group, which means you won’t be left alone and on your own. Next, the people were brought together there for a mutual enjoyment, to simply just walk and talk together, experience other destinations, learn and have fun. Except for the fact that we all take a part in this group, we also have one thing in common like the itinerary that our tour guides have prepared for us. I should say that we all prefer our travels to be in the company and that’s why we paid for the group tour in the first place, which is again great. Why are they great again? Well, after you make your booking, you won’t have anything to worry about except for where and when to show up, preferably on time. Everything else will be fixed for you in a one perfect itinerary leaving for you to only enjoy. It can’t get easier than that, I suppose.

That’s why these tours are great. They match people from other parts of the world that want to travel to that one place and share their mutual enjoyment. They are there to have a good time. While the days pass by people get to know each other along with the destination visited which can be really amazing. People met on the group tour and got married, others happen to start very lasting friendships.

This may sound a bit contradictory but solo travelers may have the most of the benefits of one group tour. Yes, it may sound like the opposite but when you think about it …traveling solo from the start is more expensive than with someone and it is less safe. You pay for everything more than otherwise. For women, especially safety may be the issue. Also, whenever feeling that the country or region you want to visit is less safe or you are feeling uncomfortable exploring by yourself, simply because the culture is different than what you are used to you just have to hop on a group tour and you’ll be fine. The minute you show up you’ll instantly have travel buddies. In fact, every time you travel solo and feel like you want to meet people it’s better for you to attend on some group tour that interest you than to start a chat in the bar for example.

The solo travelers that you gonna meet on the tour are not necessarily people that don’t like to be with people much and prefer to be alone, as the name implies. Sometimes, it simply means that their friends or family don’t wanna travel so much and they take their trips solo which doesn’t mean that they won’t meet friends on the way or fall in love on some romantic beach.

But even if you do want to have some time for yourself most of the group tours allow a spare time. It’s that free time left only for you, to do what you want to do or just spend some time on your own and get rest from the rest of the group. All group tours will include some type of a spare time. It happens, there are people that don’t want to be social at all times and need some time to be alone.

There are so many different tours for you to choose from

Depending on your interest they can be sailing and water tours, food and wine, cultural, for outdoor activities, shopping or adventurous like safaris, walking or biking and simply about anything you can think of. They can last from a couple of hours, a day to multi-day tours. You can even choose to be in a group tour with some like-minded folks, and moreover, they can be on the same age as you are if that’s what is important to you, or to be couples, solo travelers or families. Finally, group tours can be luxury too.

Depending on the accommodation and restaurants or eateries they can cost more or less

Budget group tours will offer accommodation on a lower level than the regular ones, like good three-star hotels. They may include more public transport or to share the trip with other operators as well. But, again there are tours for every budget. So, if you want more exclusive accommodation, food and drink you can choose to pay more. The prices of the tickets for the attractions are more or less the same and the main differences from one tour to another are in the prices of the accommodation and the restaurants. Most of the time the breakfast is included while lunches and dinners can be organized or be free of choice, in which case everyone is on their own. As a solo traveler, they will pair you with someone to share a room or you’ll have to pay for an upgrade if you want to stay alone in one.

There are really some great benefits when traveling with tour guides and most of the time they are locals. They always know exactly where to take you for that delicious food and get way better deals and discounts on accommodation because they regularly bring people to that same hotels. And not just on accommodation, on food or activities as well. Groups always get better deals than individuals. Next, you can skip the lines on the entries of the museums or other popular attractions, get access in areas that wouldn’t normally be allowed and finally the guide will show you the hidden gems that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

There are a lot of different tours for particular age groups or interests

You’ll have to look a little bit deeper when choosing the company or the guides. See what they stress out in their promo materials, read the reviews of the customers and visit third-party websites to read what other people are saying about their service.

Smaller group tours can provide better experience and quality. More friendly and casual relationship that will guarantee special treatment. Look for the ones that will show you the attractions for lower prices where you won’t have to join groups from other tour operators and that will provide a more comfortable transport that has enough room for you and your luggage.

Tours may have additional optional extra activities or excursions that you can do for a certain price. These optional bookings refer to any activity, transportation, meal, product, or service not expressly included in the tour itinerary or price of the tour and do not form part of the tour. You can choose to pay extra for these additional activities to better modify your tour and to personalize and customize your trip.

Drinking happens everywhere and on every tour probably. You should expect of the people to drink and talk or even party unless the group tour strickly denies alcohol.

But, there are nice casual wine tasting tours for example that can be separate or a part of that long one, multi-day group tour where the alcohol happens to be the reason for bonding and socializing.

Local beverages go hand in hand with the local food, they mix together. So, it’s expected of you to try and taste some of the local food when traveling, but the local wine or beer too.

In general, we are in the group and should respect each other and our mutual company

So, the basic attitudes of good behavior would simply mean showing some appreciation, kindness, consideration of others. And to stick to the itinerary. The thing when you are in a group is that everybody has to be pleased. So you should expect that most of the time what’s included in the itinerary and the food especially, are options that are usually easily acceptable by most of the people.

You can be left behind if you’re late because no one can afford everybody else to wait for just one person. Tours are strictly attached to a schedule and have to arrive or leave the place at a certain time. Because of that, the whole itinerary might be delayed and some attractions missed out. So, timing is crucial for a tour to be as smooth as possible and being late probably won’t be tolerated.

Anyone can find a suitable tour that meets their taste and budget

Group tours are amazing, they will give you such an unforgettable experience that you never can tailor it on your own. and you won’t have to wait anywhere, except for each other, from the group. In fact, tour guides will make an effort for you to see and experience as much as you can for a shorter period of time. You won’t waste valuable time searching for a room, getting lost, or figuring out public transport. Everything will be already done for you. The guides and agencies are doing their best to get the most of it for your money value. So they’ll come up with itineraries that are amazing when you won’t have to worry about anything except for showing up on time. You’ll see more than traveling on your own and you’ll probably visit some places that if traveling solo you wouldn’t have. Finally, if you’re new in the traveling world, a group tour will give you a much easier start.

Anyway try and find those tours with local experts that are friendly and welcoming. Passionate about the area with inventive itineraries that have perfectly planned excursions that will give you outstanding value for your money. 

Why don’t some people like group tours? Well, probably because they haven’t done enough research of the companies or the tour guides, they didn’t pick the one that was best for them or simply there is something that’s more of a personal thing. If you don’t mind being with people and meeting new travelers, there is no reason why should anyone have something against group tours as a one way of traveling and experiencing the country.