Plastic-Free Travel: Say No To Single-Use Plastic

Living without a plastic is merely impossible. We are addicted to it. But, living with quite less of it is more than possible.

We live in a society surrounded so much by plastic, to the point that there are some plastic items that we only use them once and throw them away. These single-use plastic items are most often used on a daily basis and on multiple occasions.

Because it is so hard to degrade every single piece of plastic ever made still exists. So, we are producing these disposable plastic items to use them just for a few minutes, and throw them away to live for decades to come in the garbage.

When traveling we are often on the move eating takeaway meals, street food or drinking coffee on the go usually offered in disposable plastic by the restaurants or other food sellers. Sometimes plastic items may seem more practical, lightweight and easy to use. While this, unfortunately, may be the case most of the time, still, we can do our best to try and find the appropriate eco-friendly alternatives to live and travel plastic-free.

For starters, we should definitely say no to all of the plastic items that we use only once and then throw them away. That makes one frightening number of disposable plastic garbage, considering that we are more than 7 billion people on the planet. We should start thinking of excluding those plastic items such as straws, cutlery, takeaway coffee cups, water bottles, and the plastic bags completely out of our lifestyles. Because we really can live without them and our planet can’t live with them. Above, they are not that useful and actually some of them, I can’t say why, but they’ve managed to stay with us for so long.

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Like the plastic cutlery. They don’t look good at all, and are really unpractical if you ask me. I never found them useful. Actually, they even don’t have the function they supposed to have, not even close. But, probably it’s just the idea that we’re not primitive by using cutlery with our meals. We only use them for a few minutes anyway and then throw them away. The fact is that they look like toys. Eating with plastic cutlery feels more like kids playing with food. Only even the kids would use them at least a few more times before they broke.

So, start looking like an adult and eat the food with normal cutlery, at home. Or, if we do that too often, eating out, and on the go, we should carry reusable cutlery with us. It’s easy to say no to the plastic cutlery and the utensils. They are completely useless and totally unattractive.

Next, the plastic straws. We really can live without straws and we should. It’s true that they are interesting in some way and drinking with a straw, especially for kids, can be a thing. But, we should say,, no straw please ” whenever in the restaurants. In time if people don’t ask for them, restaurants won’t offer them anymore. And that will make one imposing amount less of plastic for something that insignificant. I must say that a Nescafe isn’t a Nescafe without a straw. So if you are like me and have some drink that is quite dependable of a straw, you can replace it with the stainless steel one or the glass straw. Reusable stainless steel straws are good for babies and children too.

If you enjoy your drinks, like coffee or tea more often on the go then you should consider bringing your own reusable (mug) coffee cup to the restaurants, on an airplane, or the train and ask them to fill it up for you – instead of taking the coffee in a plastic cup. Even the paper cups are lined with plastic. Besides, there are very nice designs of reusable coffee cups to choose from, made of bamboo or stainless steel.

We should finally switch from plastic water bottles to the stainless steel ones or made of glass and there are also tons to choose fromYou can refill it with tap water wherever you go. Whenever the water isn’t safe for a drink, consider using filtering water bottle instead, or reusable life-straw go water bottle which can be great for camping and backpacking too.

Whenever outdoor, on a picnic or a simple stroll in the park we don’t have to feel hungry. Simply if we bring our own lunch with us we won’t have to wait for the food to be prepared. Even when going to work or school, or traveling we’ll be eating exactly the ingredients that we love. Nicely packed in our own lunch with that perfect combination and most importantly in reusable stainless steel lunch boxes or reusable zip cotton bags. Avoid buying food that’s packed or wrapped up in plastic. And if you do wanna buy takeout food bring your own reusable containers and use them, instead of the plastic and disposable ones that the restaurant will offer you.

Shopping our groceries can be way better when we do it with our fancy, reusable biodegradable shopping bags. Not even that plastic bags are not a must and are replaceable, but they don’t look good either and yet they are everywhere, in every shop. We buy what we need, use them every day just for our groceries and then throw them away. Start seeing less of them would be a blessing. If we could just remember to always have one biodegradable shopping bag on hand, in our bags wherever we go – that would make a way less plastic in our lives.

When it comes to the plastic bags and groceries, this is another big No for the fruits and vegetables wrapped up in plastic. Packing those fresh products is really unnecessary. Not a good enough reason for the plastic to be alive.

The thing is that we just have to think about it more often when we are purchasing for the goods in the stores and ask ourselves if they are replaceable with other, made of natural materials or not? We should think twice whenever we buy plastic items that can be easily replaced with other items made of stainless steel, bamboo, wood or glass.

There are also other products with the excessive use of plastic for packaging that we should avoid buying. We can opt for products in cardboard boxes instead of plastic bags, such as laundry detergents, or to give up the shampoos and soaps in plastic bottles and refill reusable containers when traveling. You can also buy toilet paper that’s not wrapped up in plastic or feminine hygiene products that are plastic-free and the list goes on and on.

Probably most of the people don’t think much about the clothes hangers. Why should they after all? What’s there to think about? The plastic. Every boutique offers hangers that go with the clothing and they are plastic. They could be replaced though, with wire hangers or the wooden ones that are very nice for in-home use. And again, we’ll be reducing a lot of plastic.

We all use a toothbrush for our hygiene. Could you imagine all that plastic by a single toothbrush? Above when we have to replace it on every three months, that I should say is a lot of math and too much of a plastic when we can have simple zero to the equation if all of those plastic brushes are being replaced with the bamboo ones. It only takes a single toothbrush to make a big difference for the ocean’s health and our planet. So, replace the plastic toothbrush with a more eco-friendly solution, made of biodegradable material like natural bamboo.

Most of the pollution starts on land and then is being carried by the winds and rain ending up in the ocean. Sadly, nowadays we are facing plastic waves on the beaches that bring us our plastic garbage from the ocean back on the shores. Plastic pollution has a huge impact directly on the wildlife killing hundreds of thousands of birds and marine mammals. Once in the ocean, marine animals get tangled in or they mistake plastic for food and choke.

Whenever you can you should opt for plastic-free products and items. Or if there isn’t any option other than a plastic one, then you should always look for the ones that can be recycled. Usually, the product will have the universal recycling symbol on the packaging.