What Souvenirs To Buy In Thailand?

One of the reasons Thailand is known as a land of smiles is because of the people, their friendliness, hospitality, and cheerful spirit. There is no better way to get close to the people when visiting foreign destinations than when shopping in the local stores and markets. One of the reasons why buying souvenirs in Thailand can be so much fun.

But if you want to get the most of your shopping experience, you’ll have to express wider generosity of your smile than usual and make that fluid with the vendor, which in Thailand you won’t find it difficult at all. That same smiled seller will simply enjoy much more when haggling with someone that has a nice smile too. So, be that person and enjoy spending. Keep smiling and expect a good shopping experience on the way.

If you visit the shops a little bit earlier, like in the opening hours expect to have a good deal too. Thai people as in many countries are superstitious and do believe the importance of the first customer. Simply the way the first sell will go will show them the rest of the day flow. So they can be exceptionally generous in that way too. Thailand has many markets but the biggest of all is the Chatuchak Weekend Market with hundreds of thousands of visitors during the weekends and is located in Bangkok.

Being a Buddhist country in Thailand elephants are sacred animals because of their special symbolism in the practice of Buddhism. You won’t have an easy time to choose though among all those beautiful products from bags, wood carvings to handmade jewelry and much more.

Actually, anything that you can think of that can be made in a shape of an elephant or with a decor of one, like the handicraft made items, the usual accessories with an elephant print decor or the cushions would be a great souvenir and you’ll easily find all of them in the stores. Thailand is well known for ceramics as well, with the two of the most famous being Bencharong porcelain and Sangkhalok stoneware.

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Spa Products

The easiest way for you to evoke a memory is with the sense of a scent. Thailand’s richness in fruits, flowers, and herbs makes that flow of good energy to be even easier. A lot of people think of Thailand as one of the best countries one can enjoy a massage and they are not wrong at all. While there though don’t miss out one nice Thai oil or a foot massage, herbal compress body or maybe even the traditional Thailand massage.

Thailand enjoys great popularity for the astonishing choices of the spa products available on the market including a variety of spa products very suitable for in-home use such as massage oils or pure essential oils. Here is what to look for: candle diffusers, herbal massage packs, carved soaps, foot soaks, body scrubs essential oils and scented candles.

Thai Sweets

You can’t leave without bringing home some of the sweetest memories of your visit to Thailand. Buying some of the unique exotic Thai treats can be the most cheerful memory of the visit. The feeling can be so much better when that same taste is being shared at home with the closest people to you. Especially with the ones that haven’t had that chance of trying all those sweets made of Thai’s tropical fruits ever before, like the dried durian, the delicious rambutan jam or coconut candies.

Thai Spices and Sauces

The Thai cuisine is very distinctive for the spiciness and that unique combination of all five flavors for which is so famous for. You can enjoy the taste of the Thais delicious flavors when you get home in your own kitchen as well. Buying some of the most delicious sauces or spices in Thailand is a must, especially if you are a foodie. So don’t miss out Thai curry packets and spices, the cinnamon sticks, chili pastes, and hot sauces. Particularly the chilly Nam Prik Pao that you can buy in any of the Thai stores.

Coconut Oil

Thais love their coconuts and use their healthy ingredients efficiently in every form. Popular products include virgin coconut oil, coconut oil hair products, and coconut oil bath items. Thai coconuts are renowned for their excellent taste and aroma because of the particular soil and favorable climatic conditions. The organic extra virgin coconut oil is manufactured cold pressed by centrifugal extraction methods. From fresh coconut milk becomes virgin coconut oil. Coconut oils are known to contain medium chain fatty acids that can improve your health in many ways. The coconut oil, because of its low molecular weight and straight linear chain, is able to penetrate inside the hair shaft. Just a few drops of the bath oils though will relax instantly, both, your body and mind.

Thai Silk

Thai silk is one of the world’s finest, thus buying a nice silk item would make a perfect memory. Although it can be pricey for some products, like scarfs, it can be quite affordable too. Traditionally, Thai silk is weaved by hand, not with a machine, which is one of the things that makes its uniqueness. The process of growing the silkworm and weaving is done in the northeast region of Thailand. Silkworms feed on mulberry trees and produce cocoons from which the silk is extracted.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai shorts are basic clothes for training and competing in Thai Boxing. Thai boxing or Muay Thai is a combat sport of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. Lightweight, made of satin or polyester, in various colors or design, they have a wider leg opening for a better range of motion. Quite unique to Thailand and very affordable gift to be given to a sports fan, or lover of fighting sports.

Thai Hats

Finally, the hats are a must-have. Whether you decide on the Asian conical hat or the traditional Thai’s farmer hat or ngob (made of palm leaves and bamboo) you can’t go wrong here. They look good and are practical too. Besides, when you see all of those people wearing them you’d want to have at least one for yourself. The choice here is endless.

There are few things to keep in mind in Thailand when shopping for your experience to be a valuable one. Some countries have more strict policies for importing or exporting food. Try to buy commercial packages of the food so to avoid such inconveniences and not leave your memories completely there. Instead, why don’t bring some of them with you?

Another thing is the Buddha sculptures which are illegal to be taken out of Thailand. You have to have a permit issued from the Fine Arts Department for that. Finally, when buying antiques, jewelry or other precious valuables look for the reputable shops instead of shopping from the street sellers. Particularly if you are not too familiar with how to make that difference of the preciousness.