Tiger Safari India: How To See Tigers In The Wild

tiger safari

The interesting part about the tigers turns out to be not that interesting because they are solitary animals. They like being alone, so they walk, eat and sleep alone and also they love to cool off in the water.

That’s why they can be seen in lakes or ponds cooling or on land chilling under a nice shade. The only social gathering among tigers is when the female (without the father) is with the cubs until they reach their maturity and start their own solitude life. They don’t form families. So, whenever you see tigers together, it’s probably a group of brothers, sisters, and a mother.

Tigers are the biggest cats in the world and the Siberian tiger is the biggest of all.

Tigers are not much of climbers and you won’t see them often climb a tree, but they can leap as high as 4 m and they’re afraid of fire too. So, keep in mind those two things just in case you find yourself in a so-called tiger encounter at some point in your life.

Although they are good with less, the fact is that tigers can digest about 40 kg of fresh meat at once. Now, when they hunt for their prey they don’t run and chase it. Instead, they are smart enough to camouflage in the grass, somewhere at dawn or stock at night, wait for the animals to come. When the animal comes close enough tiger will attack from behind and bite on the neck. Then, it will carry the prey for a few meters someplace safe and eat it. If the caught prey is larger, which can be enough food for more than a day or two, they won’t hunt in meantime. Their main diet includes buffalos, antelopes, rodents, deer, rabbits, birds, fish, or even goat, pigs and cattle.

The Bengal tiger is the national animal of India so logically the largest population of this Pantera would be in India, over 2,200. Bengal tigers live in the tropical rainforest and tall grasses. Indian tiger is reddish-orange and there aren’t two tigers with the same combination of stripes on their coat.

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The good news is that a tiger can look really good next to some people. I like the fact that these charismatic big cats can feel so close to humans that actually you can kiss, cuddle and hug a tiger. Or at least some people can. So, yes in some countries there is a possibility of adopting a tiger or keeping it as a pet at home as soon as the appropriate conditions are provided, like food and that significant space for moving around. It does sound pretty cool to have a tiger at home. You’ll be that guy with the tiger. Since they are solitary animals does this mean that you’ll have to buy a separate apartment as well? The fact is, they are dangerous and can eat their owner, so maybe they do need that.

Although if there weren’t any zoos probably the most of the people wouldn’t have a chance to see all those beautiful safari animals roaming freely in the wild. But, I’m a firm believer that no living species deserves to spend their life in captivity.

There are two sides to the story, but in my opinion, the clue is in the name, and the best place for the wildlife, I suppose would be in the wild. 

Tiger Safari Planning

If you want to experience the wild side of India and meet with these animals in the wild, in their natural surrounding there won’t be a better way than to attend on one guided Tiger Safari at one of the Indian National Parks. You’ll be driven in a vehicle where tigers can be best spotted, freely roaming in the wild.

The season for Tiger Safari in India starts in October and lasts until April, but the best time will be from March to May. Bandhavgarh National Park is mainly known for its tiger population, but Ranthambore National Park is where the most beautiful scenic photographs of the tigers can be captured.

Regardless the season, depending on your other personal interests your safari experience can be a memorable one. It depends on your personal taste and what you’d like to see. You can track cubs (the young ones) for example if you want or if you prefer to watch the territorial fights your visit will be focused on those events. Tigers are terranean animals and they mark their territory, with urine.

If you want to attend on a safari you’ll have to have a permit issued. And for that, you’ll have to book online two to three months ahead. They tend to be booked very quickly since there are limited numbers of permits that can be issued. Many parks allow the safari permits to be booked online a few months before the safari date. And with limited safari permits, they get booked very fast. Since the tour operators can only guarantee to provide you with the best possible conditions so you can sight tigers, there is no guarantee that you’ll actually see one. Choosing the right tour operator for these safaris is probably the most important point towards your trip and visit to one of these parks in India.