Vacation: Things To Enjoy For Free

There is no better way one to feel good than when closer to nature. That’s why most of the good stuff that can fulfill our time during the day are free but in most of the cases dependable on the good weather.

We can practice them on our vacations, in the spring or summer months of the year. In fact, we can practice them year-round, but less relaxed than when the weather is great.


The first thing you can do in the new place is to take one of those free walking tours guided by locals. Walking tours are free nowadays and the good news is that you’ll certainly meet a local. Now I’d suggest to take them right from the start. In that way, you can get the best tips for the place from the start, first hand, and get to know the destination a bit better. Then you can plan the rest of your visit.


There is no better place than a beach, especially the public ones. Yes, the public ones have that charm that private ones, regardless of their perfect look, can never catch up with. The secret is in the spontaneous feeling of the people that meet there and the fact that those beaches are part of their everyday life and reflect a real beach lifestyle. The private ones have that vacation feeling, that’s going to end. So, your visit is more linked to the accommodation than to the real beauty of the surroundings and the people of the destination. Even people communicate differently, depending on the beach. There are so many activities you can enjoy on the public beaches for free. In fact, just chilling out there is considered to be an activity when on the islands. So just lay back and relax. Snorkeling and beach paddle are my favorites. I almost forgot about swimming of course. With me, swimming is like walking and luckily you can’t forget how to walk.

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Regardless of where you live one thing is for sure – there has to be a park somewhere near, in the closest surroundings. I love everything about parks, like the greenery, and the fact that you can practice so many things out there on fresh air. This makes them, by the way, a perfect place for anyone to meet anyone. Some people jog others love doing yoga, you can go for a walk with your dog, read a book on the bench, take pictures of the beautiful nature, or you can just walk and talk with ice cream, have a picnic, ride a bicycle or Segways.

Besides most of the open to the public events are held in the parks. It’s a great place for concerts and cultural events. Because of the fresh air of the trees, and the sun people are more friendly and enjoy their mutual company in a more of a relaxed way. Above all, you can wear really comfy clothes that will make you feel even better.

Whenever traveling and vacationing somewhere, besides for the beach, head to the nearest park where you can easily meet locals right there on the grass, use their tips for the do’s and don’ts, where to go and what you can do there. You may even fall in love, you never know. Parks are just too romantic, so watch out!


You can grab a gear and hike a trail. If you focus only on the beach you may miss out on exploring the amazing natural scenery. Some destinations, are so rich in their natural beauty that even if you are a beach lover and hiking is not on your list of favorite activities you may think twice and go for a hike.

It’s just so different sometimes being among that lush vegetation, smelling all those natural perfumes and then in one moment to find yourself at some high point, on a spot with an exceptional view overlooking the island or a town. Nature is truly amazing and it always has some nice surprise for us at the end of a path. The feeling can be so much addictive.

Finally, find all those waterfalls hiding in nature and take a splash or one nice natural refreshing shower.


Since they represent an area of countryside, protected by the state for the enjoyment of the general public or the preservation of wildlife, National Parks often have free admission and if not, they probably will have free days. But, even if you have to pay a small symbolic fee, you’ll know that the money would go for the preservation of nature and wildlife. It always feels rejuvenating being close to nature. National Parks are rich with exceptional examples of animal species that live there, plants, and lush vegetation to admire that probably you won’t wanna miss out.


Every new place and culture can be definitely best explored on foot. The things you’ll notice when walking you won’t ever see them otherwise. All of those streets that you gonna stroll, the monuments that you gonna see on the way, represent some people throughout the history. When you spend some time on foot in the city or on the island you’ll sense a bit of that culture and history.

Museums are a great way to even go deeper and learn more about the people and the destination. Most of the museums have free entries every first, or last Sunday/Saturday of the month. So check on that and plan your visit ahead.

Except for the museums, explore the galleries, usually, there are free exhibits as well and finally find those alleys with interesting street art on the walls.


A church is the house of God. It’s where all Christian meet together. Churches have that special feeling of calm and peace. You simply feel good just being there.

Now, many places have churches and their entry is free. They are full of history and represent a deep connection between the past and the present, God and the people. You can find out interesting things about the building, the life there just by sitting a bit inside the church. You probably have what to admire too, like the colorful roof paintings, icons and the architecture.


It can be a very nice spent afternoon if you just stroll the shopping streets and watch the window stores for a while. You have to have a look from the outside anyhow so to go inside,.. one day. Well, not only that you may find nice stuff to see or admire, but the fact is that sometimes the way that the shops are decorated and the items arranged is another aspect too, that brings that special feeling of enjoyment.


Although you may spend some of the money there, the food local markets are a great place for your morning hours. They are free and in general, you can have a taste of the freshest locally grown products even if you don’t tend to buy any. Actually, it may serve you as breakfast if you like tasting the food and you know what to buy in the future or what to order when eating in restaurants.

The people in the markets are great. They always give useful info about the food, like where is it from or why does it taste like that. So, you’ll find out good stuff about the food if you just spend an hour or two there, especially in the morning hours when the food is freshest, it’s not too crowded and the locals are ready for a chat. You’ll be the first for the catch of the day too.