Beach Essentials

SWIMSUIT. If you are not a nudist, you’ll certainly need a couple of nice swimsuits for your vacation. Or at least two. It’s always good to have a spare pair with you on the beach just in case. I always carry at least two bikinis with me that can be easily matched. So, if you are one of those people that like spending a full day on the beach probably you already know that it’s good to have a few pairs of swimsuits with you.

WATER SHOES. Sand is great. That feeling when walking on the soft sand beach is pure satisfaction. But, not every beach has that beautiful white sand. Some of them are rocky, some with pebbles, or shells that can be sharp, and finally there are people that don’t like the sand on their skin. There is a simple solution to that: wear waterproof sneakers or sandals. Available in very nice designs these days, for women or man, they are great for water sports too.

FLIP – FLOPS. It’s not just that you are going to the beach and you’ll need one, but they have that relaxing feeling that goes with them. Whenever I go to the beach, at the moment I put them on, I start feeling relaxed thinking how I’m gonna just chill out and enjoy myself from now on. You can wear sandals or other footwear with open toes made of light materials on the beach as well, but for me, flip-flops are the number one footwear for the beach.

TOWEL. I like to match my towels with other beach accessories, so for this year I like the round ones. I rarely use the towels provided in the accommodation for the beach. Although I don’t mind and think are quite useful, I prefer buying the beach accessories in the destinations. The towel is almost always the first thing that I buy as soon as getting there. It simply is a sign that the vacation may officially begin.

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UMBRELLA. I prefer natural shades, but in case there aren’t any palms or trees, then it’s good to have an umbrella with you when going to the beach. You’ll simply mark your space on the beach and make your little camp over there, for one nice beach day. It’ll protect you from the sun too and you’ll get that shade needed when you use your electronic devices. In fact, the pop-up tent will do the thing for that one.

A SUNSCREEN that is ocean safety is a must. They are biodegradable, free of chemical and are good for us, corals and the ocean as well. So buy them and use them at least every two hours before and after going into the water. Be aware and look for the products that are not tested on animals or are produced in eco-factories.

HAIRSPRAY. Our hair is just as important as our skin. Salt on the hair can make that sticky feeling. Although just a bit of fresh water can help with that, a hair protective sun spray will add that protection of the high UV rays so your hair won’t be dry instead it will have that fresh and healthy shiny look with a smooth feeling.

COVER-UPS. Besides the fact that can look good above your swimsuit, they are also good to be worn when we are leaving the beach (in the nearest surroundings) and accessing some areas, semi-closed like restaurants where food is served or on paths where dressed people may walk by. So, if you have to leave the beach for a short while, to buy food or use the bathroom, for example, it’s good to have one kimono or even a cover-up beach towel that can serve as a towel too.

CAMERA/PHONE. Beaches are the best place for capturing happy moments. Because of the sun and the sea, we get that extra energy and feel better. So, simply being on the beach exposed on the sun, near the ocean or water we feel good and more relaxed. This certainly means more smiley faces and cheesy moments for everyone. Besides, there is always the awe-inspiring nature, like those moments when the sun goes down, and the beach is calmer, the time is still when capturing that moment is a must.  Always carry your camera or at least your phone, and spare batteries with a charger.

SNORKELING MASK. This is a must-have, especially when you are on the beaches surrounded by coral reefs with easily accessible snorkeling spots right off the shore. Snorkeling is a great way to relax at some point of the day when on the beach.

BEACH PADDLES are great fun. Don’t know about you but except for snorkeling, this is another of the activities that I often enjoy at the beach. Anyone can do it, it’s fun and most of the time I’m the winner. If you’re going to the beach where sports activities are allowed beach paddling is a great way to spend some time playing with a friend.

BOOKS. At some point of the day on the beach, that need for a good beach read under the nice palm shade is what most of us would feel like doing. If you haven’t already decided, you can read a few good reviews and recommendations that will make your choice easier.

SUNGLASSES. They really do protect the eyes when the UV of the sun rays is pretty high and are great accessories too. It’s good to have a pair whenever exposed on the sun. Besides, they are the best accessories one can wear along with the watch if you ask me. They give that stylish look on anyone’s face that can look really good if you choose the right ones.

HATS. I prefer wearing either a hat or sunglasses and I almost never wear them both. It simply feels like you’re on the undercover mission and it would be very difficult for the people to recognize you. So, you’ll have to go and say: hi it’s me. I think that it’s better when worn separately. A hat on the beach is a good option but most of the time sunglasses are a better choice because of the wind. Also, wet hair under a hat doesn’t feel good either. But, sometimes during the day when the weather is calm, wearing a nice beach hat can look and feel good as well and will make that necessary shade that your face will appreciate.

BEACH BAGS have to be comfy and roomy. The best ones are those from which the sand can be easily removed and are waterproof as well. This makes woven or the see-through bags an excellent choice for the beach. Here one can forget the time when choosing which one to buy.

A COOLER for fresh drinks can come very handy and save you the day sometimes. It’s good to have snacks or fresh extra drink with you when on the beach, even if the restaurants are close to the beach. You can bring some of your favorite food and snacks that can’t be found in the restaurants or at the beach and are easily digestible, leaving you more room for beach activities or just to chill out under the sun. If you get overeaten with heavy lunch you won’t feel good under the sun anymore and your day at the beach will soon be over for sure. You’ll need that big shade for digesting the lunch.

Although they do match perfectly together, the socks, the makeup, and the jewelry, they don’t look good on the beach. Avoid wearing and carrying valuables, documents or a lot of money too.