How To Stay Safe On Your Trip? Know Before You Go

Vacations and travels can be so exciting, the preparation being so much focused on the good stuff and expectations that we may forget that bad thing can happen to good people as well.

We can never be 100 % safe but we can do the best we can to stay as safe as possible. Whenever traveling or simply going somewhere it’s good to tell someone what are your plans and what are you up to in case things go wrong. Usually, it’s for the best that someone to be from the family, but not necessarily though.

Before you go you should make a copy of your passport and credit cards, inform your bank that you’ll be traveling and to which destination you’ll be going to. In that way, if anything suspicious happens with your cards they will check with you or inform you. It’s good to avoid ATM whenever possible because of the risk of credit card frauds and go in the bank instead when you need extra cash.

 Always carry one card with you and a little bit of cash hidden in your clothes in case something goes wrong.

If the worst thing happens and you get robbed you’ll have some cash and money with you left since it can be really ugly if you are left without a dime in a situation like that. So instead of placing the money in one place, you should spread them in a few, your backpack, socks, the belt, internal pockets of the jacket or a purse. Usually, at the tourist destinations, the risk of getting robbed is low, but out of the tourist areas and in the cities chances are much higher.

So, if you are planning on traveling in some country and exploring it the safety measures of your valuables, money and documents should be on top of your list. If you lose your passport, you should go to the Embassy of the country where was issued in the first place where probably a temporary passport with a short and limited validity will be given to you until you get back home and apply for a standard passport.

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Benefits of buying Travel Insurance

Almost always we feel excellent before the travel starts and full of excitement that purchasing a Travel Insurance may seem like a waste of money at that moment. We feel good in those moments thinking nothing can go wrong and we can use the money for other useful things we gonna need for the trip.  But, the fact is that the benefits of having travel insurance are big, and the basic ones are quite affordable. In case of unwilling accidents or medical expenses, if your luggage is lost or stolen, or if the flight was canceled due to bad weather conditions one travel insurance can come really handy in those situations when you won’t have to pay with your own money.

Bad things happen and you never know what’s there behind that corner, especially when traveling abroad. Most travel insurance policies cover such incidents. So if you have insurance, a stolen phone, lost bag, or broken camera will be easier to cope with since you know you’ll be reimbursed.

If you are adventurous and enjoy activities such as paddle boarding, surfing, kiteboarding when vacationing you should have one because the risk of getting injured is higher. When traveling abroad to new countries you can easily get sick, from the food or the water if you are sensitive, from the sun, or you can catch a cold. You’ll be on the move and exposed to many threats out there so it is really good thinking to buy one travel insurance for your trip. Finally, you’ll have that peace of mind and feel more relaxed.

How safe is the safe to save on your trip?

Many hotels nowadays provide safe in the rooms. But if traveling on a budget the cheap accommodation type may not have any which can be a bit of a problem for your documents and money. Although it may sound a bit unimportant at first glance, in a situation like that if you are responsible, you’ll probably constantly be thinking of the money and how safe is the room, instead of enjoying your time there.

Buy anti-theft accessories

You can spend your money on safer accommodation or you can make a smart investment and buy some of those nice anti-theft travel accessories available on the market, which will serve you whenever you are on the move. Backpacks with locker are a great option, especially on the go. You really won’t have to worry when you are in the public spaces. If someone would like to take your money he will have to take the whole backpack which is a much harder option for the thief. In fact, when he sees that backpack with the locker, he will know that you were actually thinking upfront and ensured the money is well hidden. The thief will surely turn to some other easier to catch victim.

There are belts with pockets on the inside which I think is the most convenient extra place to keep your cards and cash. Another good option when wearing a dress or clothes that don’t actually have pockets or belt, the bra pockets will assure a pretty hard to get a place. I like the scarfs too, the ones with hidden pockets. You can find them in various designs and are a great accessory. However, they became too obvious for petty thieves now that they are so popular among travelers. So, instead of hiding your money you might do just the opposite and actually uncover your secret place.

Just make sure not to reveal your secret place when paying. The hidden amount is there for the situation in case. So you’ll be carrying another amount in the other pocket for the things you pay for on the everyday basis.

Use a VPN when traveling

It will help you protect your personal information because the data is encrypted and can be used to access region-restricted websites too. Since some countries restrict or limit internet access to specific kinds of content. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet.  So, whenever you need to use a password to log on to anything important, such as your email, credit card provider or bank with VPN you’ll be secure.

Avoid public WiFi spots when entering sensitive information online. These spots are public. Which means everyone has access and are hackers favorite in an easy way to abuse your personal data.