Walt Disney World

I really can’t imagine my childhood without cartoons. When I was allowed to watch cartoons all day long as much as I wanted, I felt like I was the luckiest, happiest child in the world – a dream come true. But, this dream couldn’t get real if it wasn’t for my childhood hero, the greatest Walt Disney. 

My favorite Disney characters and cartoons are coincidentally related to the revolutionary moments in the world of cartoons. The first fully synchronized cartoon is Disney’s Steamboat Willie (1928) with Mickey Mouse as a leading character (before, cartoons didn’t have sounds). The first full color animated film was Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (1937). Finally, my favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid, inspired by a fairy tale written by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen about a young mermaid who is willing to give up her life in the sea to become a human.

Walt Disney

So how great is Walt Disney?

His work is so noble, bringing a whole new different enjoyment in children’s lives all over the world. Disney won 26 Academy Awards and received 59 nominations.

No one has overtaken him yet and it all started with a mouse. He is still the best and greatest of all times! He got the best, most honest audience in the world – the kids. Without them, the Walt Disney Production wouldn’t exist today. He wanted to create a place where both, kids and parents, will have the ultimate experience. When Disney was planning his first Theme Park he was inspired by Copenhagen’s’ Tivoli Gardens in Denmark.  At the press conference for the opening of the Walt Disney World, he said to the governor of Florida that it never can be another Disneyland (the one in California), but that it will be something similar. Yet, it turned out to be a whole new world. I don’t know if you knew this, but the Walt Disney Theme Parks make twice as much money than the Disney movies do.

WALT DISNEY WORLD is a huge entertainment park near Orlando in Florida. For this, once in a lifetime experience to be unique and unforgettable requires good planning and organizing up front. 

The truth is that in Walt Disney World they’ve made everything possible for your experience to be the best one ever. They thought of every little thing for your stay to be as carefree and convenient as can be. Whether you are a first time visitor to Walt Disney World or not, your kids will have a totally different memory of their visits simply because experiencing the Walt Disney World at the age of 6 or 10 means variation in activities. They will have other wishes and desires about the rides or parks. That’s why every visit to one of the Disney’s Theme Parks is unique by itself.

There are a few things to keep in mind before you start planning your vacation. First, you should consider the length of your stay, then the accommodation type, dining and lastly the theme parks you wanna spend your time and money on. All of those offers can be confusing so it’s really useful to make that difference between the tickets.

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Useful tips on how to plan your first visit to Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is big as San Francisco. There are four theme parks: the Magic KingdomDisney’s Hollywood StudiosEpcotDisney’s Animal Kingdom, and two water parks: Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park that can be visited. It’s good to know the answer to which Disney park is right for you? Parents know what’s best for their kids and what are their greatest wishes and desires. That’s why you’ll have to do the groundwork for the theme parks. After you choose your favorite Theme Park, pick one of the resorts in the same area and the dining plan.

You shouldn’t jump to conclusions led by your budget only. Some things may look less affordable when planned up front and turn out to be quite the opposite when you arrive there. There are few benefits that can make you think twice since it is not all about the money and Walt Disney is a rare experience after all.

The property owns a lot of hotels, so one can stay and spend the entire vacation at one of the Disney World Resorts. This is probably the best option that includes a few benefits available only for the guests of the Disney World Resorts to enjoy and the good news is that there are hotels for every budget. From studios to three bedroom villas with private balconies fully equipped with all the possible amenities such as air conditioning, free WiFi, kitchens, and laundries to name a few. You can even rent a bike or motorized boat, use the tennis and basketball courts, enjoy fishing or the campfire activities. Besides, your kids will be in the middle of a trill. And even the rooms are themed inspired by Disney’s cartoons and characters. Simply wherever you’ll turn there will be something going on at the venues.

The first thing that will save you a lot of time and energy, if you’re a guest of one of the Resorts, is the free transportation that Disney offers starting from your arrival at the airport to the hotel by bus and some of the resorts offer monorail or even ferry to all Disney Theme Parks. If you choose to accommodate in one of the Walt Disney World Theme Resort areas you’ll need no more than 15-minute ride to the nearest theme park. As a gest of one of the Resorts, this complementary transport offered by Disney World will be available to you for all theme parks. Or, just take advantage of the complimentary parking space.

Nobody would like their visit to the Walt Disney World to be one devastating memory of waiting in lines than having fun. The best advice is to use the Fast Pass+

For you to be fast over there you’ll have to take it really slow and make your play date up to 60 days before your check-in, if you’re a guest at one of the Disney’s Resorts, or 30 days with the purchase of the ticket or the Annual Pass. The Fast Pass+ is intended to make your planning easier, giving you early access for making reservations for the desired rides and attractions. It is a very important point in the planning process that will save you a lot of time during your visit.

You can make reservations for 3 attractions per day by your choice followed by the minimal wait in lines. Moreover, when you get there if you take the booked rides in the morning, you can make an additional 3 selections for the afternoon. You’ll have an option to book for the most popular attractions including the time with skipping the lines too. In that way, you won’t have to wonder if you’ll miss out the best ones. You can make a selection for special viewing areas of the parades and fireworks too. There is no extra cost for using the FastPass+. This free service is included in your ticket. Take the advantage of this early access for making the reservations 60 days up front since the tickets for the most exciting attractions can be sold out very quickly.

Some rides have height restrictions so don’t forget to check on that too. As a guest at one of the Walt Disney’s Hotels, you’ll get a wristband or MagicBand that will make your vacation more carefree. With this band you can unlock your hotel room, enter the parks, check-in at the Fast Pass entrances, order food and they are waterproof as well.

Next, install the Walt Disney World app on your mobile phone and use the available services throughout the app, like ordering the food. It can be the longest line in your life if waiting there hungry. The Disney Dining Plan is something that can save you a lot of money and it’s available only for the guests of the Resorts. There are few options for pre-paid meals and snacks to choose from that can be served to you at up to 100 different places spread all over the Walt Disney World property. So, worrying about the food will be your last concern when taking the advantage of one of these offers. 

In my opinion, the best option is with the snacks. Simply imagine your kids over there all thrilled and excited. Probably their appetite during the day won’t be the same as home and with all those rides eating easily digestible food isn’t such a bad idea at all. Good breakfast and dinner will be just fine. Besides, during lunch hours, most of the people take their time to eat in the restaurants, which means that the lines for the rides are less crowded then.

Lastly the rides in the parks an hour or two, before or after the normal opening hours or the extra magic hours, are open to the guests of the Resorts only. At this point of the day, the lines are reduced and parks are less crowded. Finally, as a guest, you’ll be in the magical world of Disney 24/7 without any need to leave the Walt Disney World. Because the minute you step out of the property, the all magic is gone.

If you are looking for someone that knows a great deal about Disney World and in the same time can organize your vacation, Disney Vacation Planners that are available online for free can be of big help to you, pointing you in the right direction. Based on your interests and specific needs they will give you the best possible deals and tips for your most memorable vacation ever. Besides, you’ll finally have someone to talk to available at your service, which is a great relief. Except, they’ve planned so many Disney vacations that simply know about people’s experiences and can give you many valuable bits of advice. They are up to date on every single detail Walt Disney World has to offer. You’ll soon start feeling more confident and relaxed about the upcoming vacation. So, don’t you worry too much and literally, enjoy the ride. If you can’t do it, finally there is someone that can do it for you. What’s even better, the service is for free.