Australian Food: Fish’N Chips At The Beach

There are certain things that you just have to love about Australians. They have this laid-back attitude along with the informal casual way of chatting followed by a sense of humor, that is simply irresistible.

Australians can do stuff for fun any time anywhere and there isn’t such a thing as too far for them.

They like having fun but even more, they love showing that. They love their beer but know what good coffee is. Their time spent with other people is what they like and their competitive nature urge for that. So, they are pretty social and friendly with a spirit of treating people equally.

As tourists Australians are great but don’t expect to love your beach more than the one they have back home. Above, they are very respectful of the other cultures and traditions. To tip or not to tip? While in some of the countries tipping is obligatory, in Australian restaurants you don’t have to tip if you don’t want to.

It’s just too obvious why Australian main meal is dinner: they simply love to spend their time in the sun to the fullest. So, after they energize at the breakfast with Weet-bix (high-fiber biscuits) the day begins. At lunch, they’ll grab something on the go, a takeaway food like a sandwich or fried food at the beach leaving the evenings, when the sun goes down, for the main meal when most of the time they’ll have a barbie (barbeque) in their gardens or at the beach.

How do Australians say…

  • When you want to invite someone to your house for lunch or dinner – Throw another shrimp on the table
  • When you ask for your last drink at the bar – One for the road
  • When someone is unattractive – A head like a dropped pie
  • A mess – Dog’s breakfast
  • McDonald’s – Maccas
  • Sandwiches – Cut lunch
  • Open a can of cold beer – Crack a tinnie
  • To drink alone – Drink with the files
  • Corner shop that sells take away food – Milk bar
  • No breakfast – Dingo’s breakfast
  • Food – Tucker 
  • Liquor store – Bottle-o
  • Man’s suit – Bag of fruit


Australians can boost with large growing fruit regions and many of the fruits are native to the country and land. Being one of the largest fishing zones, it’s no surprise that there is a lot of fish and seafood on the Australian menu. Except for the obvious food, they like their lamb done on barbeque usually on Sundays. Although kangaroo meat is quite available in Australia, it isn’t the most popular food among Australians.


 The best Australian food you need to know:



Little pies that contain cut up meat into very small pieces mixed with onion.


Barbequed shrimps with vegetables.


Wheat flour based bread, traditionally baked in the coals of a campfire.


Sausage sandwich with tomato sauce and onion.


Fish and chips are popular deep-fried fish and potatoes. A food that’s usually eaten at the beach.


Chiko Roll is an Australian savory snack inspired by the Chinese spring roll containing beef and vegetables.


Australian fish variety served in the restaurants all over the country


Named after Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, this dessert is made from a mixture of well-beaten egg whites and sugar, baked until crisp and topped with fruit.


This Australian dessert is made from squares of butter cake coated with an outer layer of chocolate and rolled in desiccated coconut.



Don’t leave without trying

Vegemite –  savory yeast thinly spread on buttered toast

Tim Tams– chocolate biscuits, most favorable ones in Australia used for cake recipes as well

Weet-Bix – a breakfast cereal

Anzac biscuit – a sweet biscuit, popular in Australia, made of rolled oats, flour, sugar, butter, golden syrup