Visit of Seychelles can make your life change in so many ways. Mostly known for the astonishing beauty of the white sandy beaches spread over the archipelago formed of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, from which only a few are populated, the Republic of Seychelles stands out as a one attractive and worldwide famous tourist destination.

Head to the most popular ones, Mahe and Praslin islands for one authentic accommodation, exceptional views and astonishing beaches. Here is where most of the tourists will choose to spend their time and money for one laid-back vacation on Seychelles.

Almost all the beaches are left breathing in the unspoiled and wild nature, with lush tropical vegetation and rich marine life, under the tropical weather year-round.

So, for those really seeking one vacation away from the crowds, going into the deepest possible touch with nature, the ocean, sand and sun, undoubtedly Seychelles should be the first choice.

Nearly half of the territory is protected natural reserve, including the beaches. Simply having a thing with a little bit of sand or salt on your skin it’s unallowed on Seychelles. When you find yourself surrounded by so many beautiful beaches there is only one choice left – to simply surrender.

The friendliness of the people that found their peace here, their traditional way of life and yet truly cosmopolitan spirit, as well as their unique guardian role of the Seychelles priceless natural beauty that they are proud of, is what you can expect next.

There is a sense of an easygoing life on Seychelles where the time stands still. It’s no surprise that the casual outfit is encouraged. The favorite spot for socializing are the verandas of the old colonial houses. Even better they prefer to cook in their outdoor kitchens, where some of the best-known Seychelles dishes are prepared like Ladob or Shark chutney.

Seychellois aren’t indigenous people of the island. They actually migrated to Seychelles from different parts of the world – Europe, Africa, India and China – making one vibrant culture of mixed cultural roots evolving in a nation with remarkable cosmopolitan spirit. In fact, nobody needs a visa for Seychelles. They simply don’t have restrictions for any country in the world or nation that wants to pay a visit to the islands.

How do Seychellois live? While the men were pretty busy fishing the women were taking care of the household and children. Life on the islands is provided mainly by tuna fishing: supplying the islands and exporting to other countries such as France, Italy, UK, and tourism. Because of the poor land soil, they depend a lot on imported food. Maybe that’s why Seychelles were inhabited so late, in the 18th century. Many couples choose not to get married, instead stay in a relationship and live together. Now, I don’t know if it is just a coincidence that made Seychelles be so close to the paradise, but they are a matriarchate society. Women are the economic leaders and business managers in Seychelles. Moreover, women with higher education outnumbered the man giving them an opportunity to be more involved in the politics as well.

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The three main islands: Mahe, Praslin and La Digue

The total population of Seychelles is only 91,000 most of them, nearly 70,000 living in the capital city Victoria located on the biggest island Mahe. The next biggest is Praslin with over 6,000 and La Digue numbering almost 2,000 residents. Although the capital can be considered as the only city in Seychelles, the rest of it being villages, still Seychelles is well connected to the world by plane transport and the port, both available from the Victoria city. Maybe are not too many but they are well educated and have their own university. Three official languages are spoken in Seychelles, English, French, and Creole. Nearly 90% of the locals speak Creole (a mix of French and African languages) and most of them are Roman Catholics.

Only 28 km long and 8 km wide, Mahe island can be best seen by a 2-hour car drive from one end to the other. This goes for Praslin too, as for La Digue a bike will be just great. Moreover, all of the unspoiled white sandy beaches of Mahe with the crystal turquoise waters can be discovered easily. If you let yourself go in the beauty and curiosity, explore the beaches like you were born there, you’ll be experiencing the real Seychelles and truly say that you’ve been there. The biggest and most visited on Mahe island is the Beau Vallon beach. The safest beach for swimming with children where many facilities are available including lifeguards. It’s where most of the restaurants and hotels are located. Chill out, swim or seek from a variety of activities offered: snorkeling, diving or fishing. Hotspot for tourists and locals.

Seychelles is all about beaches and beautiful flora and fauna.

Wherever you turn most likely you’ll end up at some uncrowded sandy beach with palm trees and clear blue waters.

There is too much beauty in every step of the way not to be missed. Be the one to get to know them as many and as close as possible.

What else is there unique to Seychelles? For such a small nation and territory Seychelles are proud to be home to a very big, in fact, gigantic natural examples unique only to this area. Located in the second largest, but yet small Praslin island, Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve has a palm forest remained untouched since prehistoric times. The famous coco-de-mer palm tree grows there and its specific double nut with the largest seed plant in the world. This valley is home to an endemic bird species like the black parrot which is totally dependent on the palm forest and to the blue pigeons as well.

But, many other native plants and trees can be admired too. And hiking in this beautiful forest can be easily done. So, get lost among those giant jungle trees, untouched for a century, simply left to find their own way of growing in nature. Few trails can take you through this unique relaxing experience. The two of most famous beaches Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette, listed yearly among the top ten best world beaches, can be found on this island.

Because of their universal outstanding values, Vallee de Mai and Aldabra Atoll are listed under Unesco World Heritage Sites. Being protected from human influence, the four islands surrounded by a coral reef, or Aldabra Atoll, house 150,000 giant tortoises, which is the world’s largest example of this reptile. Although this atoll is hardly reachable, you can also see the tortoises on the little Curieuse island where nearly 500 of them live. And for the protection of the native wildlife, the National Marine Park was placed on the island.

Amazingly is how these turtles feel free nesting their eggs, day and night roaming around, without feeling any unsafety whatsoever. You can approach them and even feed them. Curieuse is also home to the well-known coco-de-mer palm trees and the black parrot as well. The beauty doesn’t end here. In the south of the island, you can walk the mangrove park trails.

There are numerous snorkeling and diving locations in Seychelles some of them even reachable from the shore.

Wherever you choose to settle on the islands, you won’t miss out on the opportunity for one great snorkeling or diving experience.

It seems like there is no better place for exploring the rich underwater marine life of the Indian ocean full of astonishing colorful tropical fish, stingrays, lionfish, red snappers, sharks to name a few.

On the small little friendly island La Digue, you’ll find traditional houses, examples of Creole architecture. Here the traditional methods of boat building are still practiced. The best way to move on the island is by ox-cart or a bike. You can enjoy astonishing beaches on La Digue, like the Anse Source d’Argent with its granitic pink rocks with great diving and snorkeling spots surrounded by a coral reef. Indian almond, takamaka trees, vanilla, and coconut palms are all cultivated here.

For one authentic and intimate experience visit to the private Seychelles islands will meet your needs. Covered with Indian almond trees, takamaka, and palm trees, a place where turtles walk freely on powder sandy beaches and rare species of birds sing a soft melody, no wonder Seychelles is the most attractive tourist destination for honeymoons in the world. These islands are so intimate that you almost feel like you’re alone.

Luxurious accommodations in the islands were built to support the conservation of the island’s environment. Surrounded by rare tropical plants and trees where organic production of the food is highly supported, in these islands’ villas and cottages, even the furniture was handmade from the fallen trees in the woods. Astonishing views from the comfort of the elegant resort’s villas situated on the islands, most closely to the paradise, surrounded by the world’s best sandy beaches and crystal clear waters are what to expect.

Some of the La Digue inner private islands will include Denis Island, Fregate Island and North Island.

Seychelles is a group of islands that can be granite or coral. It’s the oldest ocean group on the planet and the only granitic islands in the world. The granitic group is formed of 45 islands within a 50 km radius from the main island, Mahe. While the outer islands are coral, there are two of the inner islands being coral as well: Denis island and Bird island. Recognized for birdlife and green turtles, the Bird Island is a private resort that offers accommodation in bungalows, excellent beaches, exceptional diving spots, deep-sea fishing tours and it’s where the largest of the gigantic, male turtle Esmeralda lives.

Considering that Seychellois existence is dependable on fishing, making it an everyday activity, the lovers of deep sea fishing shouldn’t miss out on the Seychellois way of the catch of the day at the open sea. Take one of the deep-sea fishing tours and enjoy the lunch.

Don’t leave without

  • buying a painting or at least a postcard from the famous Seychelles painter Michael Adams. Mostly inspired by the people and natural jungles of Seychelles, his work can’t be appointed to any painting style. Still, his art is amazing showing the Seychellois and the beautiful nature, flora and fauna, in one colorful and authentic way.
  • trying the Takamaka rum made from Seychelles
  • buying Creole handmade jewelry