Shopping: That’s What The Money’s For

People can be so much different in so many ways that simply every situation has its own determining factors and when it comes to exploring new places and surroundings this will include really huge differences.

When on vacation, in some new city or an island we all want to get to know the place better and that’s our common thing. But, there are the ones that will explore through art and museums, others, like the foodies, will get around more easier when finding the restaurants that they like, learn the closest streets that, finally will lead them to the desired locations.., and of course, the shopping fans which will easily detect all the alleys full of boutiques and malls where they’ll spend most of their free time for fun and get their easy way around simply orienting by the favorite shop spots.

What to buy for the beach?

Not only that every season has its trends, but a good shopping habit should involve buying the beach accessories at the destination. These items are a must-buy on the spot and simply unnecessary to be packed and carry off from home.

What are the best trending beach accessories for this year? There is nothing like the classic note that one-piece swimsuits can give to the beach look. Vintage floral dresses are back, so consider at least one of those nice casual floral dresses in your bag. This season we are relieving from the edgy types and getting into the rounded and shaped beach towels. For me, there is no better feeling than the sand under the feet, but for those that don’t like it or are into water sports a pair of comfortable water, shoes will do the thing. For men or women today you can find quite fabulous designs to show off at the beach. Followed by the fantastic cat-eye sunglasses which are totally In for this summer. Finally, the beach bags are a must buy on the spot. Basket bags are always a superb choice for the beach and the sun. Perfect for the beach and you won’t get that sticky sand on the bag. But, the coolest ones, the transparent see-through shopper bags are now available under the best designers names as well. Uncover your shopped items and avoid questions like: what did you buy? or, what have you got there? On top of it, they are waterproof which makes them an ideal for the beach, sea, and sand.

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Give your appreciation to the locals: Shop locally

Locals are your best friends. They’re very friendly and pleasant always pointing you in the right direction. Don’t hesitate to ask the locals if you need some tip for the place or for where to go.

Shopping in the local markets and groceries, and avoiding the chain markets, is highly recommended. There is no better place to find out about the food from that specific area, than in the local markets. Even better you’ll get the freshest and juiciest products at your table in the blink of an eye. One is for sure: you’ll certainly have a lot of fun there since the people that sell are full of stories. It is the best place to see the people for who they are. Without even knowing you’ll contribute to the locals’ community best. It’s a win-win situation. Your money given to the local vendors will help the community to improve their lives.

When visiting bazaars and local markets, the best advice is to look but don’t touch unless you’re interested in buying. The second you lay a hand on the product you won’t be left alone by the vendor until you buy the product. They are capable of lowering the price to the point that will make you feel sorry for not buying it. On top of it, their faces turn into a huge disappointment: he is a failure because he didn’t succeed to sell you the goods. It becomes somewhat of a personal on the way. Although there are differences from country to country, when haggle, as a rule of thumb: you can lower the price for 20 percent at almost every market and even more if you believe the product isn’t worth the price. But don’t overdo it. Even better if you like the product just pay the whole price since the people in developing countries and islands will need those extra bucks. Very important: when paying in cash, carry small bills so you can pay the exact amount because most of the time you won’t get your change. Just think twice before touching anything and you’ll be fine.

Buying souvenirs is essential. It’s almost like you’ve never been to that place if you don’t bring any souvenirs home,  as one memory of that visit. Besides, there is always a range of adorable and cute handmade products to choose from. There is something good about those artisanal products that I sincerely enjoy much.

Things you need to know about Ethical shopping

There are certain things that we all should keep in mind since we are humans after all and our consciousness distinguishes us from other mammals. In order to satisfy our needs, we use natural resources, but not always in an efficient way.

You’ll maybe recognize yourself as an ethical shopper or moreover an eco-friendly one without even knowing that or if you haven’t considered some of the things you’ll read about bellow today is a good time for that. Start by trying to implement them in your everyday practice.

How to shop ethically? Shopping and spending go together hand in hand. The way you spend your money and where you do that is essential. Many of us really can’t live without shopping. Simply, there is something in that thrilling moment when you find and recognize that piece that is right for you and you simply have to have it. It feels even better than when you actually start wearing it or using it. But, we have to be smarter and buy only the things that we truly need. Buying too many stuff that we never gonna use, won’t do any good. In fact, that’s why second hand exists. There were and still are people that shop for the unuseful items turning up to be second-hand goods. It is a good thing though since they won’t end up in the trash. Or the next good thing will be to give them to the charity.

Shopping locally is considered to be the most efficient way of shopping, especially for seasonal fresh products. Includes more walking than driving and you won’t purchase for products that are from other countries that had to be packed and shipped. In that way, companies won’t need to produce larger quantities which will exclude the waste of the natural resources and emissions of gasses that can be harmful. When a car is the only option for shopping, then consider doing that less frequently, meaning: get your list done with the items needed so you don’t have to drive the same route twice in case you forget something.

Watch for the recycled packaging of the products and buy whenever you have a chance. Next, using reusable biodegradable bags when shopping instead of plastic bags is highly advisable. Finally, check the labels, they can tell how ethical or eco-friendly the product is.

Benefits of tax-free shopping

Tax-free shopping means buying goods in foreign countries for which the sale tax was included in the price and collected from the retailer where you’ve bought the products in the first place.

However, before leaving the country you are eligible for a refund of the tax amount added to the cost of the product. In the European Union, visitors that are non-EU residents can shop tax-free in certain shops outside the airports. This sale tax or VAT (Valued added tax) that will be included in their receipts when purchasing goods can be refunded before leaving the country. When you’re purchasing goods in the store for which you are eligible for a refund you’ll have to fill up a form given from the retailer as well to prove that you’re a non-EU visitor by showing your passport and that you’ll be staying in the country no more than three months. This refers to the personal use of goods only. By showing the bills, the form and the goods to the Customs you’ll get an export stamp validation and a refund.

There are tax-free shopping operators, from which Global Blue is the largest, covering over 50 countries. Mainly when you see their logo on the shops you’ll know that you can shop tax-free on some of the goods. You should check these operators depending on the country you are planning to visit.

Now, there you go, just when you thought that you’re doing that again, returning home without a dime with that too much shopping guilt, with the tax refund you’re actually changing that.