The crystal and turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea are simply irresistible. Followed by the tropical climate with average temperatures of around 28 C allows us to enjoy all kinds of outdoor and water activities, relaxed and leisurely everyday life, all year round.

Long sandy beaches, astonishing natural beauties, and beautiful flora and fauna. Those that are interested in exploring tropical islands are already familiar that this is a case for all the islands located on the Caribbean Sea including the Cayman Islands as no exception. But, there are certain things about these tremendously inviting Cayman Islands that distinguish them from the other Islands on the Caribbean Sea which I found it truly interesting and unique.

The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory located in the Western Caribbean Sea. English is the most widely spoken language and the Cayman dollar is the currency. The territory comprises of three islands the Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman with George Town as the capital. 

Although the Cayman Islands have a reputation for luxury vacations, as a tourist you don’t really have to be wealthy or rich to visit and explore these Islands since there is available accommodation with very reasonable prices as well. If choosing to live or work on the Cayman Islands that is certainly a totally different thing.

Cayman Islands Activities

There are a few things that I truly love about the Caymans and would like to share that with you or remind you of these islands pearls that can bring you great satisfaction and pleasure. I’ll start with the Seven Mile Beach as the most popular located on the biggest island, the Grand Cayman. Even though the majority of the islands luxury resorts and hotels are located here, this beach as all the beautiful beaches in the Cayman Islands is a public property. Just a few steps from this beach, very conveniently situated, is the Camana Bay where one can, among other things, experience the Cayman way of shopping. So, take a little break from swimming and chilling on the beach and hop to the shops for a while. This waterfront town can offer 35 boutiques, 13 restaurants, and bars one cinema and very interesting calendar of activities. All excited and lost in the beauty of the brands offered and the uniqueness of the pieces of clothes that can be found in this relaxing waterfront one can forget about the time easily.  After one great shopping experience spending a nice coffee time or dining in one of the restaurants here is one of the must-do activities. Camana Bay shops offer an extended choice of locally made products inspired by the beauty and culture of the Cayman Islands. When visiting another country buying souvenirs or products that will remind us of that specific place and moment in time is one of the most common activities that probably every one of us will enjoy.

One of the must see and do activities is visiting the Stingray City. It’s the most popular spot for swimming with stingrays in the world. The Cayman Islands are simply one little paradise for scuba divers and snorkelers, especially in Cayman’s coral reefs, some of the best scuba diving in the world are found there. There are a lot of beautiful spots to enjoy the underwater beauty reachable right from the shore. A very convenient dive vacation packages are offered on all of the three islands including accommodation and scuba diving activities near the diving spots. The green turtle, for which the Islands were once named Las Tortugas, endangered because of the overfishing, is still fished by license and for local consumption only. The Cayman Turtle Farm markets turtle meat locally. Turtles are released into the wild each year as part of the farm’s conservation role.

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Living in the Cayman Islands 

I’m pretty curious how it is truly like to be in the locals’ place, being one of the Caymanian. First, there are only 61,361 residents, of which 51% are Caymanian. This sounds more like one big family. Moreover, it’s a tourist place which will include frequency of tourists coming and visiting the islands from all over the world and meeting new people all the time. They really enjoy a very nice lifestyle and don’t have to worry about incomes since the government has made the conditions for living as a Caymanian with all the possible benefits.

Moreover, in the Cayman Islands there are a lot of predominant fruits like papaya, avocado, citrus, mango, and fresh seafood as well which means they have really good prices on this food and what’s even better is that you can have your own garden (which is common for the Caymans, since some of the restaurants have it in order to be certain of the freshness of the products) and a fishing boat.

The basic products (like bread, milk, diapers) have very normal prices, but the other imported goods (like chocolates, wine, coca cola) are more expensive than in the other countries because they have certain taxes on this kind of products. Simply put you are paying more for the imported goods and less for the domestic products and the naturally beautiful surroundings for which probably most of us are there in the first place.

I would like to mention that the public transport in Caymans is not really reliable (there isn’t enough public for that I suppose) and people there don’t wanna walk much and prefer driving luxury cars, so there are no sidewalks as well and the best way to move on the island is by car.

The tropical climate provides an excellent condition for housing which means it doesn’t require much money and millions for a very nice house or an apartment. So, if you like tropical weather, tropical fruits, and seafood logically, living in Caymans wouldn’t require millions to accomplish that. Unfortunately, all of this can be enjoyed only by the Caymanian.

If you want to move and live there and you want to find a job in Caymans, the employer has to prove that for that specific position there are not enough qualified Caymanian. With so many banks it’s natural that the financial and IT sector would be open for candidates overseas. There are some seasonal jobs in the hospitality sector that can be found where you can work for a year or two and earn good money since the tips are pretty high over there. Or, the other option is to have already a significant income outside the territory. The Cayman Islands are one of the top ten financial centers in the world because there is no income tax on the money earned outside of its territory. In Cayman Island, there are 158 banks most of them located in George Town, the capital and around 100,000 registered business (which makes twice as much as the population). Finally, on so much money, on the Caymans there aren’t any casinos.

There are a lot of extremely expensive luxury houses. I must say that my mind is limited to 3-4 mil and I really can’t understand the 60 mil price for a house (probably the most expensive one on the Cayman Islands).

Simply I can’t understand what a 1 mil sofa can do for me. My modest taste can recognize the luxury and the gorgeous exterior and interior of these houses, but still, I couldn’t stop wondering, how can these gorgeous houses worth millions have so many stairs on such a flat island? There are no mountains on the Caymans and hiking isn’t one of the activities over there, instead, why didn’t they invest a 1 mil for one nice gold elevator? 

Now, a lot of these millions worth luxury houses are located on the beautiful and public Cayman beaches. If I decide to visit the Cayman Islands anytime soon, I would choose one of those nice scuba diving packages and my one week vacation will cost me 1,725 US dollars. This price includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and scuba diving activities. So, while I’m there eating my mango and chilling out in front of this millionaire house, there on the beach we are all guests and it’s a public place and we are all just people after all, so I can freely greet the neighbor saying hi, what a nice weather we have today. There are also, unfortunately, the hurricanes which are very common for the Caribbean and we have them there every year, so even though the houses are build in a way for maximal resistance and have insurance, still this is a pretty risky territory for that kind of investments I suppose. I certainly don’t have enough insights to understand why did they choose to invest so many millions right there, on the Caymans. They probably don’t care much that the bank is within a walking distance anyway.

Being a Caymanian means that you’ll have the advantage of knowing the answers to those questions and that they should stay in the family. Finally, if you’re considering to move and live in Caymans and you don’t have the big money, for one nice lifestyle the best solution is to just marry a Caymanian. Speaking of which the Little Cayman island is a really great destination for weddings and honeymoons. If someone can feel how it is to live on this paradise island I think the best way is to just be a Caymanian.