Celebrating The 8th Of March

I’m one of those women that are looking forward to the celebration of the 8th of March, the International Women’s Day.

The world was different before and I like more the world as it is today. The fact that in those 24 hours, on that day millions of women all over the world, regardless of the age, ethnicity, religion, and marital status, at the same time are feeling happy and grateful for the attention that is given to them it’s simply gorgeous. When they feel good I think men are less stressed though. The kids are drawing and writing songs in school, making an effort to the best they can do to make their mothers happy and provoke the tenderness and warmth of their mothers’ hearts. I very much look forward to reading all those postcards and greetings that kids write for their mothers. They are so adorable and fun. Men are (probably) having fun with their relatives and friends while buying the presents.

Women feel overwhelmed when receiving flowers and presents. Finally receiving and giving gifts is mutual satisfaction. So everyone is included. We are celebrating the feminine side of humanity. Flowers are all over in the streets and in everybody’s homes. For me, there is no better gift than a flower. I’ll spend some time and have fun with my girlfriends, which on this day has a special fluid and I look forward to enjoying the rest of the day with my family and loved ones. Holidays are a really good thing in society and they exist for us the people, to get together and to feel good about each other and appreciate one another.

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There will be probably people commenting how this day shouldn’t be celebrated or the ones that actually won’t bring you the flower from the backyard because for them that is cheap and in the same time, they don’t really like spending. Here is my modest opinion on some comments that I usually hear about the International Women’s Day:

I love my wife and I express my love everyday through simple things so I don’t need this one day of the year to do that.

Well, this is easy if you are doing that every day or so often then why would you skip the 8th of March. Just keep on doing that as always. Except on this day is customary to bring flowers (there is no simpler thing than that), but probably you do that often too so it won’t be a problem anyway.

My wife doesn’t celebrate the 8th of March (we do it because of the kids) or she doesn’t like flowers.

We are women after all and some of us may say that because they didn’t actually receive anything, so they have to say something to feel better. I think you should try to make her feel mad and bring her flowers or a present. There isn’t a woman in the entire world that won’t appreciate when the beloved ones give her a present. I’ve never heard a woman saying Why did you bring me flowers? You know I don’t like flowers. Maybe there are but I’m then glad that they aren’t in my nearest surroundingWell maybe she doesn’t celebrate or she says so, but she’ll probably feel very bad among all those happy women around her bragging about the flowers and who gave them, what did they receive etc. In those moments the only thing any woman would think of Why didn’t I get anything? and simply feel alone. So, it’s not too much effort anyway, instead, why don’t you just join this world party and appreciate the women around you, the ones that you love and are supporting you, the ones that gave the birth of those beautiful children of yours.

Buying fresh flowers actually is useless because they will die anyway and there is no point in buying flowers at all.

Unfortunately yes, the flowers, bouquets they can’t last long and they will die in a few days but there is a still a solution for that, to keep them fresh you’ll just have to buy them more often or buy plants and nurture them every day. Finally we, the people are alive human beings and eventually we’re gonna die too. So what’s the point of our lives anyway?

My sincere greetings to all of you celebrating the International Women’s Day. Share your love unselfishly with your closest ones and spread joy and comfort with the people around you. Best wishes to you all!  

* I like to underline that these opinions refer to healthy women only excluding alcoholic, women under drugs or with health problems.