Why Do I Like Reading Local Bloggers?

The official government websites provide us with official information and they exist for us, the citizens so we can easily have access to all the institutions and relevant information about our lives in general.

They are the most important because their source is our compass through the society. Next, the travel agencies and tour operators and all the companies actually involved in the hospitality industry on their websites are more focused on providing and offering services, which means that they are sharing their insides and experiences in a more informative way. 

It is not just that local bloggers are writing from the spot and I like them for that. They actually live in those cities that are writing about, walking those same streets every day that someone wants to visit for a day or a week. Moreover, they are sharing their real-life experiences on the way. They write a lot about their personal life reminding us that we are only humans and people are not perfect. They admit their faults, describe unpleasant situations that have unfortunately experienced, letting us know how sad they were after breakups and the stupid little things they do then, on which bridge they are crying (you know why – to get over it). This makes them so different from other websites from the same field – it’s personal (blog) with a lot of feelings. When I start reading someone’s blog, after a while, I start to recognize a whole personality. It’s a real person sharing her lifestyle openly and most importantly with a lot of feelings.  Most of them are very detailed in their description, fun and very good writers. So, not only that I enjoy getting tips and suggestions from someone that actually lives in the place, I have the satisfaction to read a book about the place, followed by meeting a real person on the way. In general, they really love the cities they live in and what they love even more is sharing that same feeling followed by their own opinions on everything that those cities are offering to every visitor.

For example, I’ ve read somewhere from a local food blogger,, I realized that I live from eating.” The funny thing is that it’s very true,

while most of the people work to provide for food, there are people that live just from eating the food.

Well, we all eat every day or we die if not.  In fact, there are people that really eat a lot, so probably they should be very wealthy. So why am I not paid for eating my meals? But the fact is, as easy as it sounds it’s not so easy for everyone. First, you’ll have to eat in a lot of different places, restaurants. I don’t want to change restaurants, I have my favorite ones and usually, I eat there with my friends. Next, they eat everything,  to be precise taste a lot of different dishes. This is a big No-No for me, I’m picky about the food that I eat. You can’t write only about the favorite dishes, you have to really like exploring with menus and improvise in the kitchen. Finally, you have to be able to express the enjoyment and the opinion through writing. I can only say that I wish I could do that. My point is that there are different people in the world with different professions and that is why for someone doing something it might be easy, but for other not so, even hard. So, like every other profession, the food bloggers are doing what they want the most, tasting and cooking food and have incomes of that. It’s very normal.

Local bloggers that are writing about the cities they live in, I like to read the most. They are the ones that can sincerely express the vibes and the culture of living in those cities. When I like some blogger then I just take the advice, because, I already like that person, he/she makes me feel good while I read the posts and I agree on most of the things he/she writes about. They have a lot of friends in the cities they live in, and by writing about that, the everyday life and the culture they are recognized in their communities.

Their tips are very valuable because they contribute to the cities best development enriching the city’s soul by showing the real human side.

So, they are the good guys of the cities. Maybe it’s a one person’s opinion, but then you really gonna know this person in a while and that’s what I like the most. I simply have a friend, sort of, it’s not mutual but still thanks…I have friends around the globe, it’s just they don’t know that I exist. Never mind, I still like reading them. I support them all, but I have my favorites. At last, but not least, as a small thank you, when visiting a local’s home page it is customary to subscribe for the enjoyment to be continued…