Italian Food: Macaroni And Cheese – It’s Just Too Plain

Food is often taken for granted. We eat every day as a necessity for our body. Maybe that’s why a lot of people take eating like something that they must do and for some people, this is even boring I suppose.

Probably being in a hurry, doing something creative or occupied in many ways they only eat when feeling really hungry and actually forget that food can bring you a satisfaction and content.

Enjoy your meal is not just a polite saying as we often think, literally it means to enjoy and the best thing about it is that actually everyone can feel like this every day and that will certainly make our planet one better place for living, with so many people feeling content.

When I’m trying something new I often find myself asking about the food, like what is that? what’s made of? But, the thing is that you have to have a first-time try in order to recognize the food in the future. I like when a cake is cut in half so I can see that the chocolate above doesn’t mean that’s all chocolate inside too. When visiting a new country or a restaurant on a specific kitchen from a region, probably the best thing is just to stay informed about the main type of food and general ingredients of the dishes, the rest of it is part of the specialty. But no fear people it’s only food! Wanna try some?

What I like most about the Italian kitchen is that they have such fancy Italian names of the dishes and desserts, that you almost feel like you’re on a date with your plate and if there is a nice Italian wine with it’s a serious relationship in question.

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There is no such a thing as macaroni and cheese in Italy. It’s just to plain. I’m a great fan of the Italian kitchen. There are a few must-know Italian foods that originate from Italy for which I’d like you to remind you of:


What is a gelato anyway? It looks like an ice cream but it’s not. Even though it’s defined as Italian – style ice cream, tastes way better, it’s reacher and more intensely flavored. Gelato is made with milk, ice cream with cream. Gelato is not an ice cream it’s simply – gelato. The first was made in Florence.


I think there are a few people on this planet that haven’t heard about pizza. Probably there are, but still, it’s a food recognizable around the globe and it’s not even a brand like McDonald’s and yet even if you don’t eat pizza you know what it is. We all know it comes from Italy, but maybe not many knew the city, Naples. 


The Italian delicious flat pasta lasagna also originates from Naples. The main ingredients meat, cheese, and tomato sauce are coated over the lasagna noodles arranged in layers and then cooked in the oven.


Gnocchi are Italian dumplings made of potato and flour and then boiled. They can be accompanied by a variety of sauces and served as a main dish.


The Italian rice balls stuffed with mozzarella cheese or meat, then coated with bread and deep fried are known as arancini.


Palermo’s traditional pizza is called sfincione, made of soft dough and stuffed with simple ingredients such as tomato sauce, cheese, anchovies, and onion.

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Cannoli is a very popular Sicilian dessert made with cream of ricotta cheese, sugar, and cinnamon stuffed in tube-shaped fried pastry dough.


In Sicily, the street food is very popular among which one of the most loved ones is panelle. Made of chickpea flour they are often eaten like a sandwich, between slices of bread.


How about focaccia? Originates from Bari, although it is a bread, it differs a lot from other Italian dough made specialties and it can be topped with a wide range of different ingredients.


The traditional dessert from northern Italian region Piedmont, panna cotta, meaning cooked cream, is a sweetened cream thickened with gelatin and molded. It can be made with vanilla or other flavorings. 


One of the most well known Italian pasta is ravioli which is a kind of dumplings consisted of two layers with a filling in between. The ravioli filling can be made from a wide variety of ingredients such as spinach, pumpkins, meat, cheese.


Maybe one of the most familiar Italian desserts is tiramisu, meaning cheer me up – originates from Veneto. A great dessert for coffee lovers.


Finally, in Tuscany, one of the most recognizable traditional salads is bread chopped panzanella mixed with vegetables like tomato and onion.