Know The Difference Between Non-Stop, Direct And Connecting Flight

Flying is the safest and most efficient way of traveling. But, there are people that will use this transport to get in the fastest way possible to the destination and others that will agree on traveling and exploring more but paying less. For you to

Travel The World And Eat Safe Food

Regardless of how frequent traveler are you, there are certain things in life for which you can never actually tell, be sure or gain enough experience. Exploring other countries and cuisines can sometimes be a reason for unpleasant experiences as well. So, while you are

Vacation: What Does All Inclusive Include?

We all probably seek now and then for that stress-free liberating vacations where we can just relax, let go and worry less. Absolutely no better way for that than an all-inclusive package. Guests love that they don’t have to worry about their budget while staying

European Trains: Luggage, Refunds And Compensations

Trains are more flexible than airplanes, not just for the type of the journey, but people are more talkative on trains and like meeting with other travelers. Including the controllers. The good thing about the trains is that you don’t really have to worry about

Vacation: How To Rent Your Next Holiday Home On Airbnb?

Planning a vacation can be as good as the vacation itself. The feeling of going somewhere, to some beautiful place where you’ll do only the things you love its unreplaceable. In that process of preparation, the word perfect would probably be more pronounced than ever

When To Take Organized Group Tour?

If you love to travel but really don’t like the organizing part, or researching much the destination ahead and would love to meet new people from all over the world and yet feel that perhaps the language may be the obstacle for that and for


You finally made it. You found it – you’ve landed on that tropical beach island you were longing for so long, located in the Caribbean with one wonderful beach for every day of the year. Expect to stroll no less than 365 beaches when you

How To Get Money Back On Flight That Was Overbooked, Delayed Or Cancelled?

In Europe flying hasn’t been easier. So many great connections with such low fares. The things got even better with the EU law under which you’re eligible to a compensation in case of flight delays, cancelled flights or overbooking. For every passenger, these conditions should

Plastic-Free Travel: Say No To Single-Use Plastic

Living without a plastic is merely impossible. We are addicted to it. But, living with quite less of it is more than possible. We live in a society surrounded so much by plastic, to the point that there are some plastic items that we only

Camping: What Not To Do To The Nature? – It Wasn’t Me

Nature is beautiful and we all probably want to be outdoors whenever we get a chance. Even in the big cities, we try to stay and relax in the parks or gardens from time to time. The truth is that the areas or places where

Are You Responsible When Traveling? Your Impact Matters

I agree that it may sound much better when we say that we, the people are saving the planet instead of admitting that we actually are repairing the damage that we’ve caused to the Earth. How to be a responsible traveler? The things you’ll read

World’s Natural Wonders

SAHARA DESERT  Sahara desert is the biggest hot desert in the world covering 8% of the whole land. When we think of Sahara desert we probably have that picture of the sand dunes in our heads, but the fact is that most of the Sahara

Beach: The Best Place To Be. Care More – Worry Less

The luckiest people on the planet are the ones that take that chance of going to the beach every day or the beachgoers as well as the ones that live on the beach. There is no better life I suppose than a beach life. There are